Medical negligence cases are extremely stressful for the parties concerned given the nature of the wrong that has been done. In order to prove that a medical professional is negligent, it must be established that no reasonably competent practitioner in the same field, at the relevant time, with similar qualifications and expertise and faced with the same set of circumstances, would have acted in the same way. This is a complex area of law and one which requires specialised advice.

We can advise on any of the following areas:
    •    Cerebral Palsy/Birth Injuries
    •    Obstetrics/Gynaecology
    •    Pregnancy and birth mismanagement
    •    Dental/Orthodontic
    •    Accident & Emergency
    •    Plastic Surgery
    •    Ear Nose & Throat
    •    General Surgery
    •    Brain Injury
    •    Shoulder Dystocia
    •    Hospital Acquired/MRSA Infections
    •    Eye/Ophthalmic Injuries
    •    Laser Surgery
    •    Cosmetic Surgery
    •    Delayed Diagnosis Claims
    •    HSE Claims